We Can Only Know So Much About Zimmerman and His Intentions

Why don’t we wait to see where the pending civil rights investigation takes us before we start making any more judgements on George Zimmerman’s racial motivations, eh? The FBI found virtually no evidence that Martin’s color served as a catalyst for the events that transpired; and though there may be some kind of subconscious racial bias lying within Zimmerman’s psyche which will never be uncovered, that can never justify the overwhelming desire for a flagrant miscarriage of justice that was seen, and still is being seen, around the nation. Even Johnny McCray – a black lawyer I might add – agreed that acquittal was the only way to go in this case, despite his emotional desire to see a conviction.

Don’t be ashamed. The system worked perfectly fine here and did its job. There have been times when it hasn’t; but it is those instances for which we should be ashamed, not this one.


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