A Change of Plans

I think it’s time for me to put an end to these theology ambitions, which are nothing but an unprofitable waste of my time, money, and energy. Sure, I love the topic and for years I’ve hoped to make some sort of academic career out of it; but realistically that’s just not going to happen. I hate teaching, and deep-down I’ve been hoping that I could somehow refocus my track toward a more research-oriented end, which is where I really thrive, but it just doesn’t work like that, at least not in a humanities discipline. So what’s left? Ministry? I suppose that’s an option, but I can’t say I have it in me to preach sermons or visit shut-ins; and it’s hard to imagine I’d have any real ability to counsel distressed individuals since I have so many problems myself. The only remaining option, then, is a total change of direction, moving into some other field in which I can take some level of interest and pursue with some degree of passion. My biblical studies undergraduate degree makes that difficult, though, since I’m virtually unqualified for every occupation that I find even remotely appealing; and it is for that reason I warn any of you potential college students out there who are considering a humanities discipline as a major to seriously rethink that decision.